Benefits of Vitamin C Foods

Greater Vitamin C Benefits Derived From Foods And Supplements


Vitamin C Foods

Vitamin C Foods

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful and most important vitamins out there. Many experts recommend at least 100mg of vitamin C a day, though taking up to 500mg of this vitamin a day is not unusual. Because it’s water soluble, it’s difficult to overdose on this nutrient, so some patients even take up to 3000mg of vitamin C per day to boost their immunity and to combat infection.

There are many vitamin c benefits when consuming high vitamin c foods. First, fresh food sources of vitamins and nutrients are always better than getting it from a pill or bottle. This is because it is more readily absorbed by the body. Vitamin C foods contain vitamin C in a ready to absorb form and it is natural, unlike synthetically derived tablets and capsules.


Also, consumption of high vitamin c foods such as citrus fruits and dark green leafy vegetables have been shown to increase immunity and help ward off infection. Wounds heal faster if you consume high vitamin c foods. If you have a cold or other infection, you can decrease your recuperation time if you eat a lot of high vitamin c foods.

Consuming high vitamin c foods will also help in the prevention of scurvy, which is a medical condition caused by vitamin c deficiency in the body.

When you eat high vitamin c foods, you also get other essential nutrients and minerals from the food. For example, broccoli is both high in vitamin C as well as calcium. Both are needed for the ready absorption of the other.

There are cases whereby people who do not enjoy eating certain vitamin c foods on a regular basis and for others who simply do not have the time to plan proper daily healthy meals that includes the goodness of these vitamin c foods. Otherwise some busy people they just make do with fast foods or junk foods just to resolve the meal requirements. In the long run, it will not help them where health is concerned. They will find themselves easily get sick very often.

Thus vitamin supplements will be handy for those who want to have the benefits of vitamin c foods without having to purposely eat vitamin c foods to acquire the vitamin c benefits. It is also exceptionally useful for those who need high doses of vitamin c intake to address their specific illnesses. However if you are not addressing any specific illnesses, do not try to overdose cause one of the vitamin c side effects for certain individuals is Diarrhea. Usually the excessive amount will simply be flushed out of your body in your urine.

Of course, eating vitamin c foods that are of natural food sources are the best, but when one is not able to keep up with eating or enjoying all these beneficial vitamin c foods regularly, one can always rely on vitamin c supplements that are available in the market. Always choose supplements that come from reputable companies (e.g. NOW Foods, Jarrow Formulas, Solaray Vitamins, Source Naturals, Twinlab) and if possible, vitamin c that is naturally derived from food source rather than synthetically derived.


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Vitamin C Foods
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